INTRODUCTION: Getting to Know the ‘Mastermind’

PART ONE: The Secret Power That Slyly Manipulates the World: The British Deep State

PART TWO: World War One and the British Deep State

PART THREE: The truth behind the Fall of the Ottoman Empire

PART FOUR: The Armenian Issue Manipulated by theBritish Deep State

PART FIVE: The British Deep State’s Propaganda Prowess and Its Global Media Network

PART SIX: The Occupation of Istanbul

PART SEVEN: The Road to Lausanne

CONCLUSION: The Real Mastermind

A closer look at the last two centuries of the world will immediately reveal the presence of a ‘mastermind’ behind the radical changes around the world, building and falling of states, countless wars that caused millions of deaths, as well as scourges including communism, wild capitalism, anarchism, Darwinism and the widespread moral decline. Interestingly enough, this structure has been only very rarely named. The name of this covert system is the BRITISH DEEP STATE.

The British deep state is, in fact, a mafia organization that is a completely separate entity independent of the British people and the British administration. In fact, it is the biggest enemy of the British people and the British state, represented by the British flag and the British Parliament; it has and is still inflicting great damage on Britain. As a reminder of this fact, the pictures of the British flag and the British Parliament are frequently used throughout the book.

It should be remembered that criticism contained in this book is not targeting the British state, the British government, the British flag or the British people. On the contrary, British people are decent, kind, refined people that have always been good friends. The criticism is solely directed at the dark structure that brought nothing but disaster to the whole world, including the British people. This book sheds light on the mentality and practices of this bloody organization that devised countless horrible events currently shaking the world, with a particular focus on its dirty plans for Turkey and the Turkish people in the last two centuries. The End Times that we are living in now is a surprising time of increased atrocities by the said mafia structure. However, these insidious plans will surely be foiled with the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

Preface :The Misunderstood Islam

Chapter 1 : There is no justification for the war in Islam

Chapter 2 : Fabricated Hadiths that Shape the Religion of the Fanatics

Chapter 3 : Fanatics’ Hatred of Women

Chapter 4 : The Fanatics’ Hatred of Art

Chapter 5 : Jews and Christians in the Religion of the Fanatics

This book you are holding is hugely important because it describes things you have never heard before about Islam and sets out the true reason for the radical terror currently plaguing the world.

This book explains why a terrorist will kill someone in the name of Islam, sets out why there are such intense efforts in the name of Islam to exclude women from the outside world and clarifies the toxic and dangerous ideological perspective that maintains the need for « enmity » toward almost every community in the name of Islam. And it reveals a most important truth, this toxic mindset does not belong to Islam at all. Islam lies in the Qur’an; not in superstitions, or in various fabricated hadith, or the consensus of scholars: The religion described in the Qur’an demands love, democracy, quality, joy, and peace.

This fact, known to few people in the world, is set out in this book. It describes the false faith and sinister world of the fanatics from their own source materials while defining true Islam with explicit evidence from the Qur’an. The book is an excellent resource for anyone seeking a solution to radical terror, hostility to democracy, the lack of quality and the seemingly interminable rage we see in so many corners of the world in the name of Islam. The only solution to a damaging concept of religion based on superstition is to eliminate that superstition through the truth. The solution lies in this book.


CHAPTER 1: To Be Freed From Prejudice

CHAPTER 2: A Brief History of the Theory

CHAPTER 3: Imaginary Mechanisms of Evolution

CHAPTER 4: The Fossil Record Refutes Evolution

CHAPTER 5: Tale of Transition from Water to Land

CHAPTER 6: The Imaginary Evolution of Birds and Mammals

CHAPTER 7: Evolutionists’ Biased and Deceptive Fossil Interpretations

CHAPTER 8: Evolution Forgeries

CHAPTER 9: The Scenario of Human Evolution

CHAPTER 10: The Molecular Impasse of Evolution

CHAPTER 11: Thermodynamics Falsifies Evolution

CHAPTER 12: Order Cannot Be Accounted for by Coincidence

CHAPTER 13: Why Evolutionists’ Claims Are Invalid ?

CHAPTER 14: The Theory of Evolution: A Materialistic Liability

CHAPTER 15: Media: An Oxygen Tent for the Theory of Evolution

CHAPTER 16: Conclusion: Evolution Is a Deceit

CHAPTER 17: The Fact of Creation

For some people, the theory of evolution or Darwinism has only scientific connotations, with seemingly no direct implication in their daily lives. This is, of course, a common misunderstanding. Far beyond just being an issue within the framework of the biological sciences, the theory of evolution constitutes the underpinning of a deceptive philosophy that has held sway over a large number of people: Materialism.

Materialist philosophy, which accepts only the existence of matter and presupposes man to be « a heap of matter, » asserts that he is no more than an animal, with « conflict » the sole rule of his existence. Traces of this philosophy, which has a lot to answer as regards man-made disasters of the last two centuries, can be found in every ideology that perceives differences among people as a « reason for conflict ».

The theory of evolution, or Darwinism, comes in handy at this point by completing the jigsaw puzzle. It provides the myth that materialism is a scientific idea.

However, that basis is rotten. Today’s scientific discoveries reveal over and over again that the popular belief associating Darwinism with science is false. The scientific evidence refutes Darwinism comprehensively and reveals that the origin of our existence is not evolution but Creation. Allah has created the universe, all living things, and man.









What is explained in this book is an important truth, which has surprised many and changed their perspectives on life. This truth can be summarized as follows: « We cannot have direct experience of any of the events and objects that we encounter in real life—buildings, people, cities, cars, places—in fact, any of the things we see, hold, touch, smell, taste and hear. We only confront visions and feelings formed in our brains ».

There is a matter outside, yet we may never know the actual of the matter. We assume with the inculcation we have been given that these are invariable in a world outside our brains and hence that we see and feel the actual of them. However, in reality, we never see real existing materials and we never touch real materials. In brief, while assuming all through our lives that we deal with the matter outside, in reality, we know the copy and image of everything, which is created in our brains.

This is not a philosophical speculation. It is an empirical fact that has been proven by modern science. Today, any scientist who is a specialist in medicine, biology, neurology or any other field related to brain research would say, when asked how and where we see the world, that we see the whole world in the vision center located in our brains.

This fact has been scientifically proven in the twentieth century, and although it may seem surprising, it necessarily implies answers to two questions; « Since throughout our lives we confront the images formed in our brains, then who is it that creates these visions? And who is it that sees these visions in our brains without having eyes and enjoys them, gets excited and happy? » You will find the answers to these two important questions in this book.






Ruling over the world of science in the 19th century, the materialist philosophy had proposed that the universe is an uncontrolled heap of matter that existed since infinite time. The discoveries made in the twentieth century, however, entirely refuted this materialist claim. Today, science has proven that the universe had a beginning, that is, it was created from nothing. With this beginning called the Big Bang, both matter and time were created from nothing.

Moreover, the discoveries made in the last 30-40 years have revealed that the physical balances of the universe are organized in an extraordinarily precise way. All physical balances of the universe from the rate of the explosion (Big Bang), to the values of the four basic forces of physics, from the nuclear reactions in stars to the structure of atom, are tailored to support human life. The structure of the earth, its place in space, and its atmosphere are all created just as they have to be. The physical and chemical properties of atoms such as carbon and oxygen, or molecules such as water are ordered to make human life possible. Shortly put, there is no room for coincidence in the universe. The entire universe is created according to a certain purpose and in a glorious equilibrium, harmony and order. This is the exalted and flawless Creation of Allah, « the Lord of All Worlds ». Allah states this fact as follows in the Qur’an:

Your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days and then settled Himself firmly on the Throne. He covers the day with the night and, each pursuing the other urgently; and the sun and moon and stars are subservient to His command. Both creation and command belong to Him. Blessed be Allah, the Lord of all worlds. (Surat al-A’raf: 54)

The Coming of the Universe into Existence

The Expansion of the Universe

The Layers of the Atmosphere

The Miracle in the Iron

The Proportion of Rain

The Protected Roof

The Returning Sky

The Seas Not Mingling With One Another

The Splitting Asunder of The Heavens and the Earth

The Victory of Byzantium

The Word Haman in the Qur’an


Fourteen centuries ago, God sent down the Qur’an to mankind as a book of guidance. He called upon people to be guided to the truth by adhering to this book. From the day of its revelation to the day of judgement, this last divine book will remain the sole guide for humanity.

The matchless style of the Qur’an and the superior wisdom in it are definite evidence that it is the word of God. In addition, the Qur’an has many miraculous attributes proving that it is a revelation from God. One of these attributes is the fact that a number of scientific truths that we have only been able to uncover by the technology of the 20th century were stated in the Qur’an 1,400 years ago.

Of course the Qur’an is not a book of science. However, many scientific facts that are expressed in an extremely concise and profound manner in its verses have only been discovered with the technology of the 20th century. These facts could not have been known at the time of the Qur’an’s revelation, and this is still more proof that the Qur’an is the word of God.

In order to understand the scientific miracle of the Qur’an, we must first take a look at the level of science at the time when this holy book was revealed.

In the 7th century, when the Qur’an was revealed, Arab society had many superstitious and groundless beliefs where scientific issues were concerned. Lacking the technology to examine the universe and nature, these early Arabs believed in legends inherited from past generations. They supposed, for example, that mountains supported the sky above. They believed that the earth was flat and that there were high mountains at its both ends. It was thought that these mountains were pillars that kept the vault of heaven high above.

However all these superstitious beliefs of Arab society were eliminated with the Qur’an. In Sura Sad, verse 2, it was said: « God is He who raised up the heavens without any support… »(The Qur’an, 13:2). This verse invalidated the belief that the sky remains above because of the mountains. In many other subjects, important facts were revealed at a time when no one could have known them. The Qur’an, which was revealed at a time when people knew very little about astronomy, physics, or biology, contains key facts on a variety of subjects such as the creation of the universe, the creation of the human being, the structure of the atmosphere, and the delicate balances that make life on earth possible.

Now, let us look at some of these scientific miracles revealed in the Qur’an together.



Civilizations Retreat as Well as Advance

Astonishing Remains of Ancient Civilizations

The True Religion has Existed Since The Beginning of History


In order to account for  the supposed evolutionary process-wich, they claim, extended from a single cell to multi oelled organisms, and then from apes to Man-Darwinists have managed to rewrite the history of mankind. To that end, they’ve invented such imaginary eras as »The cave-Man Age » and  » The Stone Age » to describe the lifestyle of so-called  « primitive man » Yet the picture and dioramas of halp-ape, half-human creatures sitting in a dark cave, dressed in furs, and lacking the facility of speech are all fictious. Primitive Man never existed, and there never was a Stone Age. They are nothing more than deceptive inventions produced by evolutionists with the help of one section of the media. Human beings have been  human since the day they came into existence, and have possesed a fully elevated culture from that day to this.

This book reveals why the whole concept of the « Stone Age » is  erroneous, and demonstrates, the fact of creation with support of the latest scientific findings. Mankind came into the world not through evolution, but by the flawless creation of God, the Almighty and Omniscient.


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